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was raised in a family that went to church every sunday >> jannel renee conway allen was a foster child, today, police read a statement fromsv her foster family. >> in our hearts we can say goodbye to sweet jannel, we love you so much, we always will. may you find peace forever, we'll always, always love you. >> funeral arrangements for jannel have not yet been disclosd. >> a potential terrorist attack prevent today when federal agents arrest aid san jose man they say was plolt tok blow up a bank in the east bay in in sm sort of an attempt to trigger a civil war in the united states this, bank of america branch in oakland was the target. officials say they arrested a 29-year-old from san jose after he tried to activate a car bomb in front of the
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bampblg. an nib agent helped design something that looks like a bomb but waits harmless. experts say all terror schemes need to be taken seriously. >> he thought et he had a goal. he wasn't going to be detered and talked about after being successful, he'd go to xuccessful, he'd go to taliban or al qaeda. >> he has been charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. >> snowed in. those words describe what millions of americans are dealing within the northeast tonight two. big storms merged into one giant blizzard. massachusetts has banned driving until the storm eases. forecasters believe two and three feet of snow can bury communities between new jersey and maine. airlines cancelled more than 4,000 flights. ripple affects of the blizzard stretches to airports here in
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the bay area. >> you just expect unexpected if you travel a lot you try to know how to maneuver. so you understand the way they work. >> commuter rail systems ran extra trains to help folks get home before the storm reaches a peak. we'll find out if things goring to improve or not with sandhya patel. jand? >> no, cheryl, goitsing to get worse into tomorrow morning and then, we'll see changes tomorrow night. so our weather conditions improving as you can see. just clouds remaining as we take you to the northeast, you can see this storm is intensifying covering a wide area as i show you here, large part of the northeast is covered by snow. several feet of snow with gusty winds winds and also expecting blizzard conditions overnight tonight.
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éef0b](uqbwwmiles per hour are taking you in closer here to show you observations from the area, new york city central park light snow right now. gusts 26 miles per hour. moderate snow now in new haven. gusts 32 miles per hour. and in boston, peak wind gusts of 53. they're dealing with moderate snow now. checking out the forecast here, blizzard conditions overnight tonight heading into tomorrow. and there are blizzard warnings up as you'll notice by saturday nighttn, storm shift shifting up. national weather service reporting thunderstorms and wind gusts to 60 miles per hour on twitter. and of course, they're expecting several feet of snow so more cancellations and delays are likely hitting the weekend if you're traveling check out our flight tracker, i'll be back with a look at the forecast including major changes in our weather as well.
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in southere around the clock search for christopher dorner continues in the san bernardino mountains. police search for an ex-cop police say is now a kill yes, ski resorts open today but schools remain closed. abc 7 news is in the newsroom with the latest on the manhunt. >> authorities say they don't believe christopher dorn jer an immediate threat to people in the reresort area of big bear value yeechl they continue a manhunt for any sign of the man. heavy snow has been falling on the town all day. the sheriff department saying that is making the search slow and frustrating. one day after the burned out truck was found there is no sign of him. the triple murder suspect vanished. authorities here say they will bear valley throughout the weekend. >> we're going to continue to search until either we discover that he left the mountain or we find him.
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one of the two. >> yefr night, 100 officers knocked door to door to find the rogue cop. today they're continuing their search through nearly 200 empty vacation cabins looking for signs of forced entry. the expolice officer and former navy reservist is said to have no proper survival training for such frigid condition buzz expert marksman is calculating patient and claims to have a 50 caliber rifle capable of slicing through armored cars. >> it's3> i zront a rec laigs of his particular case. woe have been fired by me. >> dorner named at least 12 people he plans to till kil and why.
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some are lapd officers and members of the families. he says revenge killing wills stop when his name is cleared. >> until he believes he's cleansed this,v2v[l is going too on. unless you surprise him had with this will end violently. >> his ex-girlfriend agres. >> who is next? you don't know this, will probably end badly for him. i don't see a peaceful resolve or ending in this situation. just because he's commit sod many heinous acts at this point. >> that woman is dorner split back in 2006 that is the same year his battles began with the lapd. dorner unsuccessfully requested a restraining order against williams after she posted his police badge number on a web site called don't date him williams called him twisted and warned other women not to date him. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage of this l.a. police
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shooter manhunt. we'll update you immediately in this case right here if its during our newscast as well as on twitter whenever it happens, so stay tuned. >> 85 new patrol graduates received their badges today. that is one woman now among 85 officers 15 women started out with training but decided the life style was not just not for them. >> i'm happy to be here. i want my family to be proud and it's just sad the way it happened. >>gova this feels great. a lot of hard work. it's rewarding. >> a big congratulations to graduates they're going take 10 days off. >>0áand good luck. a big scare for students at san francisco state. a dorm caught on fire inside
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of the apartment on the main campus. firefighters rushed to the third floor building c after the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers turned on. >> woken up by a loud, loud alarm. so i just went out. >> the fire reportedly began with a desk inside of a dorm caught on fire. damage contained to one unit. students looked out for several hours. >> criminal investigation is now underway into the hacking of e mail accounts belonging to heb members of the bush family. the hacker claims to have gained access to three years of personal e mails, pictures and addresses of the former first family. there is a picture of george hw bush in the hospital. the story first reported on the web site, by the web site the smoking gun says security code to the home in dallas was also released.
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>> a new national poll gives former secretary of state hillary clinton the most 61% surveyed him as the most popular u.s. politician sur pras pasing president obama. the poll found clinton was viewed more favorably than independents and republicans than mr. obama. >> coming up a san francisco company gets a jump start. >> and a treasure trove of confiscated stuff up for auction today. they can help furnish your home, maybe a church. you're going to hear about the find at 6:00. >> then, hidden costs often in those online sweetheart flower deals. the news at 5:00 continues in just one minute.
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thoorks is security video of an armed robbery. police are hoping that you can help identify these people. the video shows three then men going into the famplers market telling a worker to get on the ground then shot one in the leg. a customer was also shot in the leg. the robbers took about 2000s ndz cash from the register. >> thousands of dollars worth of state property goes up for auction tomorrow in sacramento with unusual things hitting the block. lots of the stuff taken from passengers at airport security check points in san francisco, los angeles and burbank.
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state holds auctions every 10 weeks. last one brought in $96,000, too. >> neatest thing i've seen is prevatican altar that we have and a mercedes-benz. it's from chp. we've had bikes and an ipad. >> now, state officials say one thing they don't have this year are snow globes. they say they have a lot of snow globes for some reason, not this time. >> california military veterans may soon get back their license plates. assembly woman from concord introduced a bill to reestablish the plates that were discontinued in 2010. groups have been lobbying to bring back plates available only to those who have served in the military. part of the proceeds going to veteran's services. they were replaced by plates honoring veterans. >> a san francisco clothing
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company set a record on kick starter. selling high end jeans the company has been around for six years but now breaking sell to the customers. a month ago guston joined kick starter to raise maybe $20,000 so far, the public pledged $444,000 a prord for a garment company on the site kick starter. >> it's a great source of funding for the first production run under this model so the tremendous support is going help us do to that quickly. >> backers can pledge any amount in exchange for rewards in this case amounts to preordering some of the high end jeans from the company. >> congratulations to them. huh? a lot of us like to use nationwide services to deliver flowers to special people. but just how good are they? >> that is a good question. a report just in time for
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valentine's day. >> we've ordered from three. big floorists. pro flowers and ftd. mother's day he we checked them out so this seemed like an extent time to they can back in. >> we ordered one dozen red roses online. this is what we received three dozen flowers. all three get an a for doing what they say they're going to do. >> this worked a dozen roses showed up. they're beautiful. it wasn't personal as boy like it. >> flowers arrived by fed yechl or ups not a florist z they didn't arrive ready for display more like a boxed kit with vegetation and instructions. you put it together yourself then... add water.
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with 1-800-flowers there were only roses. ftd, roses and green foilage. pro flowers came with foilage, ferns and baby breath. but stems needed trimming. here is what they looked like once set up. all have healthy flowers with tight petals and all aged well. lasting more than a week so what is the catch? ordering. >> this is the opposite of sticker shock. sticker swoochblt a company can advertise a price almost will not be the price the sñll not be the price the >> once ordering notice the vase costs extra. >> you're taking aj!f product that is complex. you're not spying flowers there is add ons.
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fees in the morning and you know, other handling fees in cases is remarkable to have so many layers added on. >> there are subtractions, too. still others because we're chatting with the customer service person. if we subtract specialized fees which is only fair, our costs ran between 52.63 and $69.92. that is a difference of $16.29. >> notice i'm not convinced it would be cheapest the day you search. you need to shop. now, all three of the companies offer same day service through local floorists that. costs more. now, coming up on abc 7 news
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at 6:00 looking forward to have local names but no local addresses. wait until you see what i find out. >> thank you. >> sure. >> michael going to be back in five minutes. >> free stuff? >> yes. >> can't wait. >> don't move. >> yes. >> sandhya patel has been busy today. >> yes. >> let me show you a live picture. it's breezy out there. towards ocean beach, clouds up above our weather is winding down. right now you'll notice just a few clouds are lingering that is about it. we have a dry, mild weekend coming up. grapevine has been shut down. our sister station is reporting that due to snow it's been shut down. no idea when it's expected to reopen. you can see it on our doppler
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here. snow, winter storm warning has been posted until 3:00 a.m. saturday. if you're traveling they have lower elevation showers and snow into mountains and some low elevations so just keep that in mind. temperatures now into low to mid-50s. the numbers were up into low 50s to low 60s this afternoon. clear skies and cold overnight. bundle up, sunny, dry over the weekend. a milder pattern into next week. tomorrow morning bundle your little ones up. temperatures are plunging. 32 livermore, 33 fremont. 35 in san jose. 34 morgan hill. chilly around oakland and half moon bay. upper 30s. 41 in san francisco. and vallejo, dwváaá to 34 degrees.
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southern california getting our wet and snow we saw atop some of our local highest peaks. behind we have this colder, drier air. so we're going to notice those plunging temperatures next couple mornings. upside is that we'll have a nice, dry weekend. high pressure:hbq building n the storms will be diverted north of us and east of us. plenty of sunshine np los gatos, pin anyone slarks mid to upper 50s, millbrae, 55. coastal areas, clear. 53 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 56 degrees. 54 in the sunset district. north bay communities low 60s clover dale. clear lake, 57 degrees. 60s in oakland.
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inland communities upper 50s. 57 livermore and dublin. and enjoy sunshine around the monterey bay. it's going to be beautiful. 55 in monterey. 53 carmel. accu-weather forecast it's dry and milder, spring will be into the air. i know, it'soz÷ early. low to mid 60s andqqdz sweet forecast for valentine's day. i would never let anyone down. so keeping it dry throughout next week. >> coming up finney's friday free stuff that is an offer that could take you on a day trip to wine country. >> bolted finney to the chair. and part of the rich rock and roll history. advance entering it's 50th year.
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sky 7 is live over a poet rescue just miles from san francisco international airport. county crews rushed out when they got word a sail boat overturned and there might be two people in the water. >> that appears to be the sail boat being towed to shore, you're look at a live picture, you can see it's choppy there on the water. iv small craft advisory. so conditions are a little bit rough out there. >> yes. >> so be careful, as promised michael finney is back. >> what do we have snowed something from wine country? >> yes. go with whatris good for you? >> it's all good for you. >> yes. >> there you go. okay. we're going start with cheese and glass from
5:24 pm you're going to get a wine and cheese tasting and they're known for california italian. and is a marketplace for just wines. okay, now, you might as well work it off. where better to do that than at yoga works? they've got four loks throughout the bay area. and there is a some of the best instructors around. so $77. wow. >> and how do we get this? >> so glad you asked. right there. dial that number.
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coming up at 6:00 on the day an arrest is made a community comes together to remember a young murder victim. tonight taking you to the vigil for jannel conway allen. >> a major storm slams the east coast and when planes might be flying again. michael finney explains why everything doesn't always come up roses when trying to find a local florist. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. see you then. >> might feel like winter but a lot of baseball fans plan to get a sneak peak at spring. >> there will be a fan fest tomorrow. the world series champions signing auto grafz for fans. >> you can take a look at
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the giants cluck house. >> it tomorrow and admission is free. giants spring training opens on tuesday and arizona. here we are. just past super bowl. time for baseball. >> it's okay. we love it. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. hope to see you again at 6:00. stay connected at abc 7 this is "world news." tonight from the heart of the blizzard of 2013. 42 million people in the storm zone. cars crashing, people getting out to push their way through. and what will it be like if 70-mile-per-hour winds hit that snow? will this be boston's worst snowstorm in a century? our extreme weather team spread out across the region.
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vendetta. hundreds of police searching for the former cop threatening their families. claiming to have a weapon that can rip through body armor, even cars. and since it's friday, we have our person of the week. a superstar of cooking, talking about great food, a confident life and a secret for valentine's day to make it one you will not forget. >> good evening on this friday night. at this hour, 42 million americans in the storm zone. right now many of them trying to get home as a two-fisted snowstorm is moving in. you can see on this map what's happening. two storms, a giant nor'easter of wind and moisture there on the right, about to get a jolt of extra energy from a second storm. and this is how it feels on the ground. streets are

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